Thursday, March 5, 2020

Corona virus enter in india

Corona virus has come to India, that too from Italy, some of the same people say that another dangerous virus has come from Italy, first you can understand using your mind.  Have been.  Today, some people are being seen with camphor and cardamom, they believe that this will give us freedom from corona.  Due to the fear of Corona, wherever a Chinese looks, people are running away as if people had run away from theaters during Salman's race movie a few days ago.  No matter how dangerous the corona is, but there will still be less than some of our leaders, much more than fear of opening the mouths of people infected with the virus.  Keep your mouth shut and keep away from Corona as well as the country's real virus.

Some unique stories of Corona: 

Today, corona virus is everywhere.  The United Nations has also declared it an epidemic. But are they sitting at home because of their own fault and the government's failure, that means pure unemployed, neither have to do nor go out of work.  So I am safe from Corona.

 It is heard that Jyoti Rajaditya Scindia left the Congress party because of its election symbol ie Paw because they feared that this hand might not be affected by Corona virus.

 If you ever get into a fight with someone and you are in danger of being killed, then all you have to say is that you have come from China, then you are safe.

 If your boss is not giving you a break from your job, then what is the delay? You can take a comfortable holiday by showing signs of corona.

 Nowadays, some people who are walking from Corona have to work only with Flying Kiss.

 After Sonia Gandhi, the country has also got the second dangerous virus corona from Italy.  The whole country is saying that Rahul Baba should go to his maternal uncle once more.

 Granted, the corona is dangerous, yet there is work ahead of the Indian media.

 All we can do is sit at home and pray that everyone is safe and treatment of corona is possible at the earliest.

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