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Hockey started in India:

Hockey started in India:

Hockey, which is the national sport of India.  Today let's talk about the history of hockey and the introduction of hockey in India, and why hockey is called the national game of India.

 History of Hockey:

 The existence of hockey in the world came in 1886 after the establishment of the Hockey Association.  The first match of hockey was between England and Ireland.

 About Hockey:

 Hockey is an open field match between two teams.  Each team consists of 11 players.  In which 2 players are in the safety line, 3 in the middle line and 5 players in the front row and there is also a goalkeeper, whose job is to stop the ball.  Each player attempts to place the ball in a net in the front.

 To play hockey, it is necessary to have a hockey stick with the help of which the players hit the ball and put it in the front court.

 The length of a hockey stick is 91.40 meters and the width is 55 meters.  The ball used in this game weighs 156–163 grams.

 The game of hockey is of full 70 minutes and consists of two rounds of 35 minutes each and a break round of 5 minutes.

 Beginning of Hockey in India:

 The credit for the introduction of hockey in India goes to the British Army.  In 1885, for the first time in the country, a hockey club was started in Calcutta and then in Bombay and Punjab.

 India's debut in Olympics:

 India's debut at the Olympics took place at the 1928 Olympic Games, in which India won the gold medal.  India also won 24 consecutive matches and 6 gold medals in hockey from 1928 to 1956. This time was also called India's golden time in hockey.

 India has so far won 8 gold medals, one silver and two cans medals at the Olympics.

 Why Hockey is called National Sports of India:

 Hockey was first introduced in Asia in India.  From 1928 to 19456 India won the gold medal in the Olympics 6 times.  At this time, in hockey, India got its iron all over the world.  For this reason India made hockey its national sport.

 Some of the greatest Indian hockey players:

 There were many great players in Indian hockey, the first name among them was Major General Dhyanchand Ji, the greatest player in the history of India.  Those are also known as the magician of hockey.  Apart from this, Balvir Singh, Ajit Pal, Ashok Kumar, Udyam Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, Ajit Singh, Mohammed Shahid, etc. are the names that have raised the value of India in hockey all over the world.


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