Thursday, March 5, 2020

Madhyapradesh Politics

Ten MLAs of Congress disappeared in Madhya Pradesh politics.  Kamal Nath is afraid that by cutting off his nose and his name, there will be no lotus in the state.  Only time will tell who the deity or demon will be.  Legislators are falling for more rupees than the rupee is not falling against the dollar.

Madhyapradesh Politics:

Politics in Madhya Pradesh is not taking any name, news is that Congress MLA Jyoti Rajaditya Scindia has resigned from the Congress party, there are reports of 20 MP with him.

 Jyoti Rajaditya Scindia is currently in a meeting with Modi and Shah. It is expected that Jyotirajaditya can form his own party with his 20 MP or join BJP.

 In the next one or two days, the Congress government may fall. Now it has to be seen what will happen next.

Did the politics of Son and Vanshbad submerge the Congress?

It is natural to raise a question in view of the adverse political activities in Madhya Pradesh, whether the Congress Party is moving towards decline due to Vanshbad and Son Moh.

 Whether it is Digvijay Singh's hand in Madhya Pradesh due to son's infatuation, or in the process of bringing Rahul Gandhi to the center since 2004, it is possible to circumvent many capable and capable people.

 Should the Congress still rule in the name of Gandhism even today, or should the Congress be brought forward by giving a chance to some capable and capable people.

 For the last 14 years, Rahul Gandhi has completely failed to elevate himself as a leader.  Now is the time that the Congress should consider other options besides Rahul Gandhi, otherwise the day is not far when the fall of the Congress is certain.

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